CITPI research leads to publication in high ranking project journal

Several researchers at CITPI have been involved in the rethinking project management research stream, and it now pays off.

2015.04.28 | Dorte Midtiby Sørensen

Svejvig and Andersen has published the following paper: Svejvig, P., & Andersen, P. (2015). Rethinking project management: A structured literature review with a critical look at the brave new world. International Journal of Project Management, 33(2), 278-290. doi: 

The paper is among the ten most viewed papers at International Journal of Project Management in the last 90 days (January, February and March 2015 with 2345 views).

Abstract for paper: This paper presents the results of a structured review of the rethinking project management (RPM) literature based on the classification and analysis of 74 contributions and in addition takes a critical look at this brave new world. Through the analysis, a total of 6 overarching categories emerged: contextualization, social and political aspects, rethinking practice, complexity and uncertainty, actuality of projects and broader conceptualization. These categories cover a broad range of different contributions with diverse and alternative perspectives on project management. The early RPM literature dates back to the 1980s, while the majority was published in 2006 onwards, and the research stream appears to be still active. A critical look at this brave new world exhibits the overall challenge for RPM to become much more diffused and accepted