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I take interest in the relationships between technology, politics, and social change which currently has led me into a PhD project about the use of IT in developmental efforts. I base my research on qualitative methods and multi-sited fieldwork as well as theories from within Science Technology Society studies (STS). I have lectured about computer programming (object oriented), qualitative methods, and social movements.

RESEARCH: Area of interest is primarily IT implementation and IT strategy, and more specifically  relatede to the field of project management and enterprise architecture. Current research is mainly focused on how to rethink and innovate project management theory and practice in Denmark.

RESEARCH: Healthcare IT, healthcare and organisational change; implementation of IT; user involvement; participatory design; STS (Science, Technology and Society) Studies

TEACHING: Qualitative methods; organisational analysis, work practice and IT, evaluation methods and discourses; analysis of large infrastructures; STS (Science, Technology and Society) Studies

RESEARCH: Public digitalization projects, organisational adoption and implementation of information systems, Enterprise architecture, IT project management, Systems development. Current research is focused on the initiative of a central organization to use IT to change practices in many connected organisations.

TEACHING: Project Management – a practitioners approach, and Business Development with Information Systems.

RESEARCH: Deployment of information technology in organisations, IT driven organisational change. Current research on project management regards (1) the linkages between IT projects and Enterprise Architecture and (2) Modernisation: the initiative of a central organization to use IT to change practices in many connected organisations.

TEACHING: Enterprise Architecture; IT Strategy; System Dynamic modelling, IT Driven Change.

RESEARCH: Governance and Management, Work practices, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Healthcare and Welfare Technologies, Design

TEACHING: Organisational studies, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Science and Technology Studies (STS), Globalization and the network society

RESEARCH: My main research interest is on how agile practices and principles can be used in project management practice, my studies are mainly focused on agility in IT projects and IT organizations.

TEACHING: My teaching is on general project management perspectives, methods and tools.



RESEARCH: My primary interest is how Science and Technology-Studies (STS) and especially actor-network theory (ANT) can contribute to the study of projects, project management practice and the understanding of innovation processes. Through empirical studies of links between the heterogeneous technologies, artefacts and humans in specific organisational settings, my objective is to develop an ANT-based understanding of the emergent, complex and ever-changing nature of projects.

TEACHING: During the three-year period of my Ph.D.-studies I will be teaching courses related to organisational analysis, project management, innovation and STS.

RESEARCH: Project Management Communication, and Communication and Knowledge in Project Management Environments are focal research points, as well as connections between the emerging field of social media management and proejct communication practices. Current research includes looking at the Marketing Circle in Stage Gate processes for product development together with Line Berggreen. Past research includes working with a team in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota to evaluate and refine the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Project Management Academy Training Program with Professor Karl Smith.

TEACHING: I teach Project Management in the BA Marketing and Management Communication, as well as the Ph.d. course Project Management Tools for your Dissertation and Career which applies an academic perspective on using project management processes for iterative development of research projects for advanced Ph.d. students. I have also taught project management in the U.S. in Civil Engineering contexts, as well as part of the Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication Program at the University of Minnesota.

Peter Lauritsen

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RESEARCH: Primary research interest are portfolio/program governance, stakeholder management, project management education and new approaches like agile project management as well as digital innovation and transformation in business and society. The research is based on utilizing approaches from STS studies, organisational studies and innovation theory.

TEACHING: I teach two course on project management and one on digital economy and innovation on MA level at information studies. Though the courses on project management provide an general overview to project management methodologies, they also take into account results from current project management research as well as new development such as agile project management. The course on digital economy and innovation focusses on the transformative power of new IT technologies and their impact on business, public administration, science and the society as a whole.

RESEARCH: Working with the link between it-governance and it-project management. More than 20 years of different management positions in industry: Project Management Improvement Program, IS-Processes, Methods and Architecture, Quality in IT-operations, Problem and Change Management, IS-development methods.

TEACHING:It-project management, it project portfolio management, it-governance
Coordinating Master of IT across Aarhus University, Aalborg University and University of Southern Denmark www.master-it-vest.dk

Project Management and IT Project Management
System development and development models
Acquisitions and IT implementation

RESEARCH: STS, Project management and enactments of qualities and places in the alternative agri-food business

RESEARCH: A: Project management and implementation, including: i) Trust and Abstract systems, ii) Virtual teams – B: Enterprise Systems i.e. Hospital Information Systems: i) Action research and public IT value

RESEARCH: Project Management and Project Studies, Rethinking Project Management, Project management of complex IS/IT projects, Virtual Project Management, Institutional theory and Enterprise Systems (ES) Research, ES implementation and use with technical and organizational aspects, Managing IT-enabled change, Outsourcing

TEACHING: Project Management (MSc), Change Management (MSc), Information Systems Development (MSc), Master courses in IT (part-time students), Supervisor for Master projects (full-time and part-time students)

RESEARCH: My Ph.D.-project investigates the implications of quality management systems in organisations. Empirically, the project is based on a field study carried out in a research institution engaged with climate- and environmental science. The main theoretical inspiration comes from actor-network theory. The overall ambition is to develop a nuanced understanding of how the roles and meanings of quality management systems are translated and shaped in interaction with other technologies, skills and political agendas

TEACHING: I teach courses that revolve around constructivist understandings of organisation, technology, work and governance