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The interdisciplinary collaboration between research groups across Faculties at Aarhus University has been initiated to create a strong practice based research in IT Project Management and Innovation combining different scientific traditions and lenses, and to provide teaching resources and teaching materials to courses in IT-Project Management at all levels. The initiative brings together researchers and lecturers and with significant competences within the area ranging from practical experience in heading and practicing IT project management, to teaching upon theories and tools for project management and innovation, and conducting empirical, qualitative research.

The two main groups from Business Administration, Faculty of Business and Social Science, and from the Center for STS-Studies, School of Communication and Culture, Faculty of Arts contribute with different perspectives to the subject field: The former starts out from the perspective of management, business, and practical application, while the latter starts out with the perspective of daily practice and the performance of theories and tools. However, both groups share a keen interest in empirical research into the area, working with practitioners of IT project management, and developing research and teaching. Over the next years the group will be expanded with two Ph.D.s and two associate professors. Collectively we aim to develop research and teaching within the area by conducting research projects, organize seminars with practitioners and researchers and teaching courses. 

The activities are strongly based on different projects.